Insurance Claim


Insurance Claim Technical Support Services (ICTSS) is one of our Special Services. It will be our pleasure to provide you with a Free consultation on how we might serve your Insurance Claim needs.

Mercer Engineering, PC subscribes to the Council of American Structural Engineer’s Risk Management Program CASE/RMP in providing our services. We practice the standard of care exercised by structural engineers given the same time frames and set of conditions and circumstances.

We follow the Council of American Structural Engineer’s CASE 962 A – National Practice Guidelines for the Preparation of Structural Engineering Reports for Buildings in providing our services.

Who Uses Our Insurance Claim Technical Support Service?

Two groups that often find our ICTSS Services useful are Building Owners and Insurance Company Adjusters. The report may be useful to an insurance company’s legal department’s consideration of a subrogation action, however, it should be noted that the recommendations and conclusions in the final report are limited to Phase I information and it is recommended that the Client consider retaining Mercer Engineering, PC through the Legal Portal for more, in-depth forensic analysis and evaluation. is the Internet portal to Mercer Engineering, PC’s Insurance Claim Technical Support Services. If your needs exceed the typical Scope of Services described above, please refer to our Legal Services Portal. Insurance Claim Support Services do not include forensic engineering or structural design and evaluation for building modifications or additions.

For more information please contact us here. Thank you.

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