Structural Engineer of Record

Structural Engineer of Record Services Portal for government agencies and contractors with government contracts seeking a veteran owned, small business to subcontract engineereing services for projects. Building structural design is our primary Structural Engineer of Record Services (SER).

Mercer Engineering, PC subscribes to the Council of American Structural Engineer’s Risk Management Program CASE/RMP in providing our services. We practice the standard of care exercised by structural engineers given the same time frames and set of conditions and circumstances.

We have experience with Federal Indefinite Delivery Open-End A/E contracts on Grand Forks AFB (GFAFB) and Minot AFB (MAFB). Contractors have relied on our expertise for foundation and structural design for USAF and USACE performance designed projects during project construction.

Mercer Engineering, PC provided forensic engineering, expert testimony and project engineering services for facility condition and repair of U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs for Tribal building assets.

Who uses SER Structural Engineering Services for Government Projects?

Federal Agencies, State Agencies, Tribal Governments, Counties, Cities and Contractors with government projects find our project engineering, structural engineering, and forensic engineering services useful. is the Intenet Portal to Mercer Engineering, PC’s Structural Engineer of Record Services for Governmental Clients and Projects.

For more information please contact us here. Thank you.

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